What Moves You?

The concept of Art is highly subjective, so people have different ways of perceiving Art. For some people Art is only what is ruled by excelence and virtuosism. To me, excelence is quite fine, but if it doesn’t have soul, it’s not Art.

On my understanding, Art must have the power of transcending and it doesn’t require virtuosism to reach out the untouchable. I mean, Nature is the ultimate sample of what Art is. And sometimes it’s not even complex to be beautiful. Is there beauty in complexity? Of course there is. But there’s also beauty in simplicity. There’s also beauty in reaching out people’s heart from simple forms and single traits.

I’ll never forget what Arthur Rubinstein once said about the good artist: You know an artist is good when you can look into an artwork and you can name the author even though you don’t understand of art at all. I thought that remarkable because that’s how you know the Art has transformed you.

The true masterpiece is that one that not only  is impressive, but it ought to be touching. The impression may last for a second, but what is touching will change your life forever, and will remain in your memory until the day you release your last sigh. And it doesn’t have to be a big changing. It must be that memory you’ll treasure forever, that feeling, that scene, that melody you’ll recall and you’ll feel the need to share with others.

Because that’s what Art is all about: It’s about uplifting the spirit, it’s about connecting us with our deepest essence, it’s remembering us the perfection of our Greatest Artist, our Creator.

And thats why it MUST be heartfelt, no matter if it’s virtuosistic or not. There’s also excelence in simplicity. Music is not made only of sounds but it’s also made of silence, and the secret is in finding the beauty of both moments.

Virtuosism is good, indeed. But virtuosism without passion, without essence, without heart, is merely technical exhibitionism, and it’s empty. An empty art is good for nothing. It’s impressive, and that’s all. It dies right there. But the living art, despite being virtuosistic or not, will keep people moving, will make them get a sense of purpose in life… and that’s what ART is for: to give life a sense of purpose, a sense that there’s something else than just this here… I mean, Art is the expression of everything we can not put into words, it is the meaning that the soul gives to the unspeakable, to the ineffable.

Not everything is Art, but Art is everything that moves you, that makes you feel better, fullfilled, is everything that can make you feel like you’re unique, that there’s a place for you in this world. Art is everything that makes you feel like it’s worth to keep moving on, because LIFE is Art.

There’s nothing most touching than Life and all its wonders… the most incredible Masterpiece. And it demands to be admired and experienced with passion. And passion is everything that touches your heart and moves you forward. And move your feelings and your way of facing life.




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