Everyone Wants a Fairytale

Oh, come on! Lets not start with this “I’m a very realistic person” thing. Everyone has a dream, a wish they want to be done by a miracle.  Everyone yearns for a happily everafter, despite all the punchs the reality gives us everyday. Everyone dreams to find the love of their lives, the trip to a secret paradise, the successful career or whatever it is your dream.

Everyone longs to be happy.

Sometimes we download tons of apps in the hope we might find someone worthy of all affection we have kept inside, sometimes we make up stories in our minds, secretly wishing they will come true someday.

Sometimes we watch movies trying to grab that little piece of beauty and enchantment to make life more bareable and heartaches less painful. Or sometimes we just dream of finding someone who would change our lives in such a way that it could be divided in Me Before You…

Everyone wants a fairytale. And it’s ok to admit that, after all, we were made to be as happy as we could be. Shame is that, we almost always decide to choose what doesn’t make us happy. Most of times we forget that the happiness lies in every little thing we do day by day. We never consider that our deepest happiness might come by making those who surround us happy. We  want only the happy endings, without crossing all the path of struggle and growing to reach out that so desired conquer…

We forget that Life is a fairytale itself.

It is, just because it’s beautiful, full of wonderful and inspiring stories, full of amazing people just waiting for the next corner to step into our life and make it even more intriguing and exciting… And that’s enough to build an amazing and incredible tale… It’s only up to us to choose what to do with what is given to us. And, as an artist, I can say, from the bottom of my heart, it is an amazing experience to turn sadness, anger, madness, or anything people usually think is bad or ugly into something beautiful and that will inspire others. It gives a sense of accomplishment and purpose that I believe everyone should try at least once in life.

Everyone can have a fairytale.

It’s only up to us to build it while we’re on this extraordinary journey that is life.

What’s the story you want to tell?



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