Closed Windows

What a wonder the technology is… You can talk to people all around the world and choose whether know or not the history of who’s behind the computer screen…

Faceless people. Masked people. True people who prefer to hide behind the mystery, afraid to be hurt…

That makes me remember a story I’ve lived quite some time ago, when the mystery was my source of inspiration and the expectation made me write the best poetry I could ever dream of writing, and  I could watch them become source of inspiration to songs that traveled worldwide… Despite all the agony and the hard time for figuring out what was reality and what was not, I dare say, those were wonderful times for my creative proccess. But, althought I’m feeling a bit nostalgic about all that dreaming thing, I wouldn’t want to live it ever again. Nor I wish it even to my worst enemy.

Now I love what’s real. Now I love what’s true.

And I believe that’s the greatest changing in my life.

I can’t accept what’s not real and true anymore.

Whether it’s close or far, my heart doesn’t take what’s not real, what doesn’t come straight out from the heart. And I think that’s what makes the wonderful ME that I am now: truer than I could ever be. Deeper and soulful. Like it or not, take it or not.

Sometimes, the soul is so powerful that, despite all the mystery thing, it feels like you can touch the real essence of the person who’s in the other side of the screen… And sometimes it can be quite real, until you wake up and remember that nothing is totally real in the virtual world.

Sometimes, the only thing you actually yearn is to close some windows to, maybe who knows…

Open up a door someday.



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