It’s Time for Hope

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

These are rough times. For every single place on our beloved Earth. There is no peace or love for human life, or maybe there is no love for life at all, no human and no nature life. In less than two weeks, Brazil has lost one of its principal rivers in an industrial catastrophe, and France lost a hundred lives in a terrorist attack. Whomever has orchestrated both situations might have reached out their goal, I suppose.

I won’t be hypocrite. There’s no good prospections ahead. Things still will get a lot worse before they can get better. But we mustn’t be afraid. Actually it’s time for hope. It’s time to look ahead, and see what is beyond this mad world. It’s time to turn our eyes upon Jesus. He has foretold those things would happen, but that we shouldn’t be afraid of them. He has conquered the world.

It’s time to remember WHOM WE WERE CREATED TO BE. It’s time to long for the moment His kingdom shall be settled upon the Earth. Because He’s comming as the King He’s born to be. And soon, all of us, who trust His Precious Name, shall be glorified with Him.

It’s time to be brave and not to fear what is about to come in the next few years. This world must fall and pass, so the new Skies and the new Earth God has promised us can be settled for those who have choosen to look beyond and see the unseen.

We must have FAITH.

We must LOVE, as Jesus has loved us, and make the difference with our lives. UNTIL THE END. We shall suffer. We shall be persecuted. All those things will happen. But WE MUST STAND FOR THE TRUTH. And the truth is: what is now, soon will be no more.

We must have HOPE.

For what is to come, after all those things are past, is far better than any human mind could ever imagine. It will be just as perfect as it was in the very, very beginning, when the Time and Eternity were one and only thing. That is the direction we must look to. That is the path we must follow. THERE IS OUR HOPE.

I know nobody can tell for sure how will it be like, but WE MUST BELIEVE IT. So we can SEE it with our very own eyes. We must trust. This is the time for HOPE. This is the time to LOOK BEYOND, and see what God has prepared for those who dare to LOVE FOR REAL. THIS IS THE TIME FOR REDEMPTION.





  1. Clara, my sister, may your New Year be blessed with an abundance of spiritual inner peace, joy, happiness, hope and love. Share again…I miss you my dear sister…God bless!


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