Organic Music

Music is life and it’s alive.

You have to feel it in order to understand it. The music has the power to hit straight into heart and it’s born FROM the heart. That much that every beat that keeps the time going is called pulse, just like the heartbeat.

You know the music is good when it makes you feel alive, when its beat is sicronized with your heartbeat. That’s such a very unique experience and it changes from person to person.

I believe in music as the feelings language, because it allows you to translate into sounds things you wouldn’t get to put in words. Somehow, music makes it easier to let the heart speak louder. It’s all about affection.

Even to play an instrument, and here I take the cello as an example, not only because it is my principal instrument, but also because of its own anatomy, you can notice it’s one of the most affective instruments, considering that you must literally embrace it, hold it close to your heart to play it.

Technique is important? Yes, but sometimes you can see musicians very concerned about how to play their instruments perfectly and flawlessly, that they may even forget about how alive music is. It’s very organic, and by organic I mean it HAS to have some imperfection, or so it will become strictly mechanical and soulless. In other words, when music is purely technical, it loses its human essence, that is what makes it to be exactly what it is: MUSIC!

Music changes as the mankind change, but in one matter, despite everything the academics may say about it, it’s still an universal language, precisely because music is strongly connected to the heartbeat.

And to proof it,  I took this song below and I want to invite you,  who took time to read this post, to make an experience: For just a moment, try to ignore your personal taste,  close your eyes, and feel the beat of this song. Listen it feeling and, if you can, tap the percussion rythm close to your heart. Then, after the song is over, think about what and how you felt with it.

Then you’ll find out what music is and how organic it must be, if it wants to fullfill its purpose as an art.


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