Feed Your Soul with Kindness

And your heart with purity. We live in such a challenging world, where LOVE, FAITH and HOPE are fading away and humanity loses completely the sense of direction and the beautiful purpose of its existence.

Human relationships are all sick and not a single person seem to figure it out. Everything that hurts and destroys the fragile and sensible human soul has been taken as “normal” and “right” as the human kind sink in loneliness, unhappiness and no one can or want to find the cure. Politics, religion, wars are the only subjects that impregnates every human brain, while what’s really essential is barely remembered as the life goes by as a sigh.

When will we open up our ears, eyes and hearts to see what really matters? When will we see that being is much more important than having, that long lasting relationships are far more worthy than those kind of fast food relationships, when will we figure out that living simple and naturally is much more healthy? When will we stop rushing, giving away our energy, wasting our time in selfish yearnings, while our life passes before our eyes and we don’t even realize it…

When will we care better of our families, when will we be more loving to our parents, beginning by myself, when will we learn to be more patient, attencious, understanding… When will we learn to retreat our worse instincts and try to be more kind to each other?

When will we learn to LOVE?

Everyday we rush, everyday we’re blind to each other… everyday we die a little without fullfilling the good purpose of our lives…

I pray and hope we wake up on time to see what and who we were born to be, before it’s too late.

God bless us all.

Charles Chaplin


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