Out of Place/Out of Time

The world spins fast:
Out of place.
My mind slows down…
Out of time.

Taking a break to rest,
Out of time,
From this crazy town.
Out of place.

Watching people having
Fun with… a cage?!
Out of place!
Contemporary madness…
Out of time.

Where has gone the sense
Of beauty for the arts?
Out of time…
Am I the only one able
To see it in the Life’s restarts?
Out of place…

Wandering in thoughts, seeking
Some meaning to my words,
Out of place…
This awkward melody
Insists into sounding
Out of time.

And this heart of mine beating
Always in another measure,
Slower rythm
Out of time…
While the world will never
Stop spinning fast
Out of place.

Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros
Rio de Janeiro, August 21st, 2014.


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