Born to Love

That’s my mission as a human being.

My last post was a let it out about a subject I had to fix up with a long time friend, and after talking to him about what was bothering and hurting me, I learned another thing I already knew about love, but never got to put in practice. Love doesn’t wait anything in swap. You just love. Period. Isn’t it how GOD loves us?

It works for relationships between men and women, and, above all, it works for the whole human kind. Many may say: One thing has nothing to do with other, but I must disagree and say, yes, they both share the same essence, otherwise, the relationship between Christ and the Church wouldn’t be compared to a marriage and marriage likewise, right?

When Jesus has decided giving His Life for humanity, He knew many wouldn’t care for His Sacrfice. Still He did it anyway. Because He couldn’t help doing so. His love was above the rejection or acceptance of the ones that would know about what He has done. His Love for man kind was the reason of His life. Of His comming, and of everything he has suffered for us. He always thought we were worth it. He always thought that, despite we wishing or not to have a relationship with Him, it was worth to die so we could live.

The same works for a man/woman that loves someone and is willing to pay whatever price it takes for the happiness of the beloved person. Helping them on to be with someone else, or taking the fact that they won’t be anything else deeper than good friends, or even giving aways its own life for someone… Loving is never thinking about yourself first, but always thinking of the other and seeking for their well-being first. That’s what JESUS has done for us, and that’s what WE SHOULD DO for each others EVERYDAYS.

But, everything and everyone around us seem to say the opposite, right? Indeed… Because to the power that rules this world under God’s consent doesn’t want us to really be like Jesus. Because the power that rules this world and has blinded the human’s hearts and minds never wanted us to stay in a deep RELATIONSHIP with God. First it has worked hard to break up the relationship between God and man, and now, its working hard to destroy all human relationships, because when a human being is alone, it’s easier defeated. When a human doesn’t believe in relationships anymore, gives up trusting God’s faithful and eternal love.

Have you ever noticed how our relationships only get fragile and weak day after day? Have you ever noticed how alone people are feeling lately, and nothing seems to heal this loneliness? And day after day, in every single second we are told, all the time, that true love does not exist, that faith is something to be ashamed of… Notice what is being heavily beaten everyday: Love and Faith. The both RELATIONSHIP principles that can’t ever walk apart. Because when you love, you have faith and when you have faith, love becomes part of your own essence. That’s how it works in the spiritual kingdom. It’s not about religion. It’s about a deep relationship with the unseen. Even to serve to the evil, first you must believe it exists… And this is the faith acting for a bad choice, still a choice.

Jesus has choosen loving us. He could have refused facing the cross, He could have asked for the Heaven’s Armies to keep Him away from the Calvary, He could have done anything to not face the fate that should have been ours. Yet, He did it, because he prefered dying Himself, so we would have Life. I have choosen being jsut a friend, because my friend’s happiness is most important than mine. Another friend mine has choosen to encourage me about this friend, because to him, my happiness is most important than his own… And… What a blessed feeling is this peace that fills your soul when you decide that doing what’s right for the other, what makes the other person happy, is most important than yourself.

Do you know what happens then? You understand how huge is God’s love for humanity. You understand that LOVE, TRUE LOVE does exist, and that you CAN CHOOSE to put it in practice. You learn that this is the only way to get closer to God, and when someone brings you closer to God, you need to keep them in your life, no matter what. You finally understand the Life’s purpose.

What people doesn’t seem to understand now a days is that LOVE is not a feeling. Love is a choice. And to think for some moments I almost forgot this eternal truth…

We all were born to love. But a pure love, not this sick love that is being spreaded around the world, those lies pretending to be love, NOT AT ALL! Love never seeks its own pleasure, LOVE, never seeks its own happiness. Once again, LOVE, TRUE LOVE, always put the other first. Never ourselves and our selfish desires. This is anything but love.

I know everything here kind of sound quite cliche… After all, talking about love is such the easiest thing on earth… But LIVING IN LOVE, that’s the true secret of life, and once you learn it, your duty is never keep it to yourself, but SHARE…

Because we all were born to love.

Living in Love.


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