Just Like Music

So, this blog post is quite a new thing to me, because instead of talking only about feelings or music, I’ll talk about sports… As everybody knows, the Fifa World Cup is happenning here in Brazil this year and, despite so many polemic generated because of all the politics and stuff, personally I dare say the Cup brought quite some very good things to cheer about!

The first one, was the chance to meet again some friends I made in the very beginning of 2013 and get a new one and spend a whole afternoon with them. The day was longer than I expected it and that got me drained, as you may notice by the size of this post, since I just got back home, but it was all worth it. And during this time spent with my friends, I could see, as we were talking about i,t how soccer/football doesn’t have such a big difference from music. While I was chatting with one of my friends, the other one took a ball and started to play with people he has never met before… So, we, that were just watching it, said, sports know no boundaries, and are beyond any language, just like music…

And that’s true… I guess, despite all those stupid politics in the World Cup backstage, I can not deny that the chance of bringing together people from many different nationalities, and make such this huge confraternization is one of the most positive aspects of a huge event like this one. Just like music, you can share the same emotion, the same feelings and joys…

And, the second good thing this world cup brought to me, was an alternative team to root for, since I don’t really care that Brazil team wins this Cup: ALLEZ LES BLEUS!!! VIVA LA FRANCE!



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