A simple “Good Morning” makes ALL the difference!

Not so long ago I did post something about how the world could be a lot better if we learned how to be more kind to each other in a daily basis… Now it was my turn to experience some kindness towards myself, and see such a dark and heavy day get a whole new meanning with nothing but a simple greeting.

This week has been such a rough week for me and my family. When you think nothing can get worse, two beloved people in your family get sick in a very serious way, and I must confess I’m not taking it well at all.  Meanwhile, I was hired to work as music teacher in a school not as accessible as they said it would be, and due to all the bad newsof the last few weeks, my heart wasn’t exactly settled in a good will to do my job.  And this is the point where the reason for this post to be born; in a simple and heartfelt: “-Good Morning, Teacher!”

As I was arriving to the school, a grown man, that was working on the pavement in the corner of the school’s street, greeted me with the sincerity and purity of a child: “Good Morning, Teacher!”, and that reminded me the reason I was there and then I figured out  how important is the mission I must to fullfill there… And so, at least for one moment, all the pain in my heart vanished and I got my strenghts renewed to do what I have to.

Usually I’m kind even when I don’t want or mean to, because that’s my nature, but today, I could experience how it make all the difference to me a small gesture of politness, despite I was so focused on my own pain. Once again, I figured out it’s worth to be kind.


Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros

Itaboraí, June 13rd, 2014.




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