It Heals The Soul To Be Gentle

It’s been such an awful world to live in lately. Everyone seems to be way too focused in its own needs that it feels like the world have always been this selfish place we know. It’s true that world was never a paradise, well, except in the very beginning, maybe… I like to believe once there was a time when people used to care a bit more about each other… I mean, there was a time when being kind and gentle was a virtue, times when, for a man it was a matter of honor to be respectful to a woman, and being polite to open up the doors or even hand over his seat to her in a crowded place was a day-by-day attitude. Not anymore (and I blame the feminism for this stupid thought that equal rights means eliminating small gentle gestures! ¬¬). Ok, maybe this kingdom of kindness exists only in my mind, but anyways, if that attitude was not for a heartfelt act of respect, at least it meant a bit of education…

Now a days, wherever I turn my face to, I only see a bunch of rude and idiots guys (I must confess I was lucky enough to meet some very rare exceptions to this rule, though) that are unable to help an old lady carrying up heavy bags, and too stupid to figure out their own rudeness. I lost the count of how many times I did hand over myself the place I was sit in a crowded bus, carrying up my cello, just in a hope to make some difference, since nobody else would do…

No, I’m not writing this post to grab on my own good actions. It’s just that I wonder why can’t we just be more kind and gentle to each other? It’s so easy to say that we can change the world with small gestures, but who’s really willing to do it ACTUALLY? Who has ever tried to DO IT for real? I try to do it whenever I have a chance, but, more than this, I want to do it everydays. Because being gentle make us more human. Being kind to other people, even the ones we’ve never met before, can open up our eyes and make us see how far we are from perfection and how much we need God in our daily life.

Being gentle heals the soul not because it makes you feel better or make you feel proud of yourself. Being kind heals the soul because it makes you figure out how much you still need to grow and improve as human, and makes you realize that perhaps you need and should be more kind and loving to your own family…

And then, bit by bit, you understand that the Life’s senseis not an end in itself or one single purpose to be fulfilled in this earth. In those small gestures done everyday, life is a continuous proccess of mistakes and achievements that will bring you closer to God, closer to the Life’s essence. And as more as you learn where you must to improve, more you grow and see that the result of your good actions are not only for this short and ephemeral existence but they will lead you to eternity. Because the small good you do in silence today, will resound loud in the Universe for genterations, even though no one hears about you ever; God has seen your actions and He knows if it was the result of a truly pure and wishful to learn heart or  if it was just to proove yourself you can be a good person.

Either way, self-pride or just because your conscience demands it, be kind and gentle, if not all the time, at least as much as you get, and then you’ll see that the world can really be a better place to live.

Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros

Rio de Janeiro, June 2nd, 2014.



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  1. Beautiful words full of compassion and reflection . We can not change the world but to adapt to it. We can not change people but love them as they are. We can not be loved but we can love ourselves and see our own greatness. The world is a hostile paradise, full of bitterness, just the strength of your heart, your courage and courage is able to save the other own wickedness. Feeding the soul of positive thoughts, see deep, expect nothing from another, live with joy, is the best gift you can make yourself.

    My heart is nostalgic your company, you let others dark beings invade your heart with pain. I’m here, I’m still the same as always, I am older than you, and my skin is thicker, I learned to get up hard in front of my enemies, and they never expire me!.’m Sending a big hug, and I hope someday reunite with my good friend Clara,

    Your music is the power of change, the love of you that comes from the universe came from eternity to be different,


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