Eyes Wide Open

So… uhm… this is a post completely different from the things I use to post here… But I really feel the urge to talk about it, maybe some of you who read my blog will understand what I’m trying to say, maybe most of my readers will not or just think I’m joining to the conspiracionists choir, but the only thing I can say about everything I’ve been reading about the subject until now, is that what they say is pretty far from being just theories… If half of people who go to those mega shows promoted by the entertainement industry knew what’s really going on backstage, would think twice before giving their hardly earned money to those bloodsuckers (and they are in every possible way, literally!).

A couple years ago I posted a text here in portuguese https://claramusician.wordpress.com/2011/02/18/ideias-conflitantes-um-protesto-e-um-apelo/, saying how tired I was of people seeing evil everywhere, and, for my disgust, it really IS everywhere… Because this world lies in the evil, and the greed of human kind only feeds it, and I’m not only talking about the subjective evil feelings, like greed,  and other stuff like this, no, I’m talking about the REAL EVIL, whose only wish is to destroy the humanity, only because it is the main target of God’s love. And this evil is still selling to us the very same old story it has been selling since the very beginning of the world: Freedom to do whatever you want, knowledge that only God detains and that you are your own god. True Jesus has once said it, that we are gods, but, it was not this lie that has been sold to us since the Eden. Satan knows the power that the human brain has and wants to use it for the most destructive purpose ever, but God, in His supreme wisdom has protected us from our own worse instincts, which Satan wants to release at any cost, leading us to anichilate each other.

Whenever I think of the millions that have been taking this message, taking all this trash, all this… I don’t even have a name for it, changing their essence, their souls, for money, for things that shall pass in a sigh, I feel a deep weight in my heart, a deep sorrow and sense that I wish I could do anything to stop this machine… But everything is writen, and shall happen, for the man’s hand or to fullfill the prophecies… Either way, it shall happen.

Sometimes I really wish I was with my eyes wide closed, but who has ears to hear, listen it, and who has eyes to look, see it, and I have to say, it is right before our eyes. DAILY. Whether you notice it or not. Whether you believe it or not. All those misinformations, all those blood sacrifices (and to this point I really wish everything was just a bunch of legends or lies, but they’re actually not), everything to make you believe it’s just fiction, when in fact it is not fiction… It’s like “falling awake” (and never the lyrics of this song made such a sense to me) into a nightmare. The news that were supposed to inform, hide the most important informations while the movies make you laugh at the truth exposing it as a huge fairytale, or even worse, a big joke.

Chasing humans and killing them as cattle is their funniest sport. Who are they? The very same ones that detain the economic power in the world. Because their money control everything you buy, the nations governments, the entertainement industry… Still, they are nothing but puppets in the hands of the same creature they seek to get their power…

However, I still believe in a greater Power, that conquered the death and His LOVE is for eternity. He has faced the death once to give us life, and all those who seek in the darkness for their power, they shall fall before The King of Kings! And though I feel powerless to do anything face all those things that are happenning around the world, I know His plan is Perfect and even though I can not understand it, I will still trust in Him. Because Jesus is our only Salvation and He has done The Sacrifice ONCE FOR ALL!



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