Loving is a Lifetime Learning Proccess

Loving is not an action done in itself. It’s a continuous proccess that takes a lifetime and even an eternity and it will never cease. Just like learning takes the entire life until the grave. But we think that love “happens” once for all and stop.  I have a previous post where I say that you only love once. It doesn’t mean you won’t love different people in different ways during your life, but the true love that changes your life, not that “magical change” of the fairytales “happily everafters”, but the continuous changing proccess of growing mature happens only once when you take the right path.

That’s why, in the old times, when the wedding vows were taken it was “until the death tear us apart”. You wouldn’t marry someone just because you were strongly infatuated for them like now a days. You would marry someone because you were willing to be IN LOVE with them. And being in love is a journey, not being stuck in the same place with someone that someday you may wake up and tell to yourself: “I don’t love him/her anymore”. This just can not be, because LOVING is LIVING. And just like life, love is a living proccess of changes.

Loving someone is not like looking at them and done, “I’m in love”. It took me time to figure out I was in love with someone… First we are great friends who can support and encourage each other. Then we’re able to deal with each others imperfections. And you can’t deal with someone’s imperfections if you don’t learn to know the person you are with. It’s all about learning… Like everything in life.

And whenever one lesson is already learnt, others even hardest will come, so you will grow up in love. But this is not bad… When you are in the school, whenever you pass over the grades the lessons don’t get harder? Life is just the same… And so is love.

And this is such a fascinating proccess when you figure it out… Really. You will never see the things in the same way you used to see them before… And that’s the moment when you find out happiness… And how wonderful life is. And then you know how deep is its sense, and this expression gets a whole new meanning:

C’est la vie. ;)



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