You are my friend, 

My companion when the times get rough…

You’re the spark of light when my days get dark…

You’re the courage that I seem to lack so often…


Yes… That’s what you are to me…


You’re like an oasis

In the middle of the desert of my thoughts

When the world seems to swallow me

You are that lovely place of mine

Hidden in the heart of this stone forest.


You are this happy laughter 

Of an evening by the sea…

When the stars are dancing in the sky

And the waves sing softly in our ears…


Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros

Itaboraí, March 8th, 2014.




1 Comment

  1. Very beautifully written Clara, know that you are a beautiful and wonderful Oasis also! I really love your poem my sister! Thank you so much for sharing it tonight as I am getting ready to rest, now there is a poem which leaves a smile to add a perfect rest to my sleep! Have a very blessed and wonderful weekend my friend! P.S. my dear here is my first video, please visit the attached link, and like and share with your friends I am sure you will like it, besides you will be able to hear my voice for the first time. Its a track from my CD which will soon come out to the public! I is spiritual and romantic…! This one is spiritual, but the next video is beautifully romantic. http://youtu.be/KY6kpbRLF1Q


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