What a year…

Last day of year, time to get a review from everything that happened, and the only thing I want to say about this year that is ending now is that it was a year that I defnitely want to bury from my history once for all.

But I couldn’t say goodbye to 2013 without counting the blessings I’ve received even though they were few, but they surely were greater than all the hard times I’ve faced throught this year. The friends I’ve met, even despite the distance. And one of them has prooven to be a true one, come what may. Indeed it is in the hardest moments that we figure out who are really our friends.

And what about the moments of blast I’ve had? I know they were so rare that I can even count them on my fingers, but how precious they were. I shall never forget the joy I felt by playing together with The Philharmonics from Viena, and all the moments I was on stage, playing. I am so grateful for those.

This said, the only thing I expect from the new year is moments like those multiplied for thousand, and my strenghts and will and hopes renewed and full of greed to work and reach out my goals and dreams. I pray that I can find the courage and bravery that left me during the year of 2013.

So, may all our dreams come true in 2014 and that the new year brings us many of wonderful and pleasant surprises!

Happy New Year!!!



  1. Dearest Clara,
    I am so sorry that you feel your courage and bravery left you this year. May you take the time that you need to feel replenished and go on to embrace many sun filled moments and experience true joy! You are a very special person my dear! Your contribution to your art is immeasurable. May abundant grace be yours!
    Love and hugs,
    Serenity Josh (Twitter)
    P.S. You are way too good for Josh. May he grow up….


  2. You have blossomed Clara, and along with that your new year will be abundantly blessed, and you will find a very genuine spiritual prosperity, that will make you smile radiantly each day! You are special to more than you know but especially to our Lord, and your skill will flourish because of His love which will embrace you so wholesomely each day! You have a special gift, and you are a gift, and happiness shall light your life’s path. Happy New Year dear sister! And I will be spiritually each day in word!


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