I Don’t Care About Christmas.


I know, this is such a shocking title for a Christmas blogpost, but, I think it’s worth for us to think for what do we really care about.

Every year it’s always the very same story: “Never stop believing ‘The Christmas Magic'”, or “it’s time to spread love, joy, compassion”, “spend time with family and show them how much you love them” and all this beautiful stuff… Endlessly… But… Is it only me or someone else have ever noticed that in the last few years those beautiful things are remainning only in the speech even more?

What do we really care about in Christmas? The magic? Or THE MIRACLE?

Have you ever noticed how everything is, or at least seems magic in Christmas? People all suddenly get kindhearted, I mean, WHEN they do, and everything seems to glow in sparkles of happiness… But is it true happiness?

Let me tell you what did I see thousand and thousand times in christmas… People spending money the way they can and they can not spend, just in order of ostentation. I’ve seen people get hurt with the lies of their families, I’ve seen people plan to hurt each other just to get them off their path… I’ve seen hearts broken for humiliation generated for the sake of ostentation itself… Is this christmas?

If it is, then I don’t care at all about it.

I don’t because my Christmas is every single day! He is reborning every second in my heart, He changes my life even though I can’t see any solution in the darkness, it’s to feel and know that His Light is shinning even though sometimes I close my eyes and forget to see Him.

My Christmas is peaceful even if I don’t have such a feast to celebrate, but I still can have a delightful glass of icecream with nuts and caramel and just hold my dogs tight to protect them and make them feel safe from the fireworks outside… My Christmas is blessed when, despite all of my troubles I can be sure, The HOPE once was born to give me eternal life.

So, why should I care about a celebration that is not even real, especially because its meanning is totally out of context and distorted?

I don’t care about Christmas.

I care about CHRIST!

Jesus Christ, Light of The World