Unspoken Words

Words I don’t know how to say, words I silence, afraid you would run away… Especially because I know you’ll go away… So, why messing up this sweet silence with words, as we look peacefully to the sea? Why spoiling this lovely moment, so unique, so precious, so harmonious and amazing with someone I never met before, but like an angel, like a bird of gold embraced me with his wings and protected me from the cold?…

No… I shall not say a word.

Yet, how can I silence this huge feeling bursting in my heart, exploding like a newborn star, illuminating every corner of my soul, so perfect, and so disturbing?…

So perfect and so disturbing…

And my restless soul sighs as it feels your protection, your care, your tenderness… An angel… In the shape of a man… Gentle… A feeling that longs to be shout out to entire world to hear, that speaks for itself as people look at us together… But my reason tries to convince my heart: It’s not meant to last. My mind tries to convince my soul: let it go… don’t think of it… Keep the memory, forget the feeling.

But, how can I? If it just grows, and grows, and grows, bigger and bigger, beyond any control of mine… And I wonder to myself… Would you take THIS risk?…

I did not expect for anything like that… And what a surprise, what a gift I’ve got from Heavens and from Life… So unique and seren, like a song that yearns to be sang.

How will I tell you those unspoken words that my heart insists in pour out here? Hoping that from everything you take back with you, you take also this gift I offer (my heart), and that I could have the grateful surprise this is not a one sided feeling… And maybe you could give me this gift (your heart) as precious as this one I give to you…

Or who knows, for the sake of reason, this feeling just fades here, like a song released, and those words remain unspoken, out of your knowledge, away from your heart, just like our bodies will be away from each other, out of each other’s reach…

Newborn Star



  1. Thank you, Wendell… ONe friend of mine insisted that I should send them to the one they were written to, but I believe he won’t read them… Somethings are not meant to last and I know that pretty well.


  2. Your words speak volumes of the feelings and emotions that live inside, who could turn away from such words, for when reading them, and embracing them one would find themselves in a garden where heavenly rhythms abound that ease the heart, mind and soul. Your words are a wonderful gift! Exquisitely written! Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday!


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