You are what you listen to.

Recently I’ve posted a tweet asking for suggestions of subjects to write about here in my blog, and a friend has suggested me writing about something that is really so familiar to me: MUSIC. He said: “why don’t you write about the effects of music over people?” And since then I’ve been thinking of taking some scientific researches to embasis my blog post about the matter. However, althought it would give so much credibility to this post, I thought a second time and figured it out that it would run away a little bit from the essence of this blog, that’s all about deep reflections on feelings. And what exactly is music other than the feelings and soul language? And why talking about such a powerful thing like music based only in statistics and databases, when it can change not only moods but even behaviors?

So I decided to wait a little bit more for a proper moment, and why not to say, for a perfect song to follow this reflection about the universal language of feelings. Oh, the academics might hate me for talking such this way about music, and most especially the linguistics ones, though! As a music student myself I’ve heard times enough about the divergence in this field and the restrictions to say that music is a language, but, considering that music has about 12 functions over than language itself, then, I guess we can consider it a language even more complete than our linguistic codes, no? Fair enough with the scientific thoughts, as I said before this is a blog post from heart and not sources, statistics and databases; and as the title itself suggests, it’s about the essence.

Music is our way to saying things we can not speak throught words, it’s the soul’s way to express itself in a deeper way that codes can not translate. And its power is so big that it can change someone’s way of living and even the way of people to face life. I’ve seen it myself times enough. And what people usually do when they feel sad? Listen to music to cheer up, or maybe listen to an even more sad music to cry their hearts out, yet, music is there somehow.

You might be wondering why did I choose this song to inspire me to write this post. I think I couldn’t ever find any better song to this, since it’s taken from a beautiful movie about a real and sad story, about life, about death, about grieving and facing life throught a whole new way. About building this new vision throught words and imagination. And here I build it throught words and throught music.

You are what you listen to. The sequence of notes, the swing between the sound and silence and the way it builds the rythm says a lot about who we are. Because it express what we can not say with words. That’s why I say that when we don’t get find any words to translate our soul, better try a song. Because the music will show out our own essence. The music will shout it out what we’re really feeling and it will take whomever surrounds us to our deepest universe. And it is amazing how it can unite us. If you close your eyes while listening to this song, search deep inside your heart and ask yourself what do you feel. Then feel it deep and try to figure out what could have changed in you.

Music isn’t only about a precise match of frequences or the perfect form for beauty. It is deeper. Because it is touching. Because it reaches beyond any speech, any word or any image could ever reach. It’s a bond that keeps us tied to the Divine, to the universe, to the God’s perfection. And that’s why we should be careful about what we feed our souls with. Music is such a powerful thing indeed.

Just close your eyes and listen it. But listen with your hearts, not with your ears.



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