We’re built from fragments. The whole universe is made of fragments. Molecules that get together and make a mass. A mass that comes together and make it a whole thing we can see and touch. And what about the soul? It is something we can not see or touch. Yeah, but still it is made of pieces. Made of fragments. Fragments of dreams, hopes, sadnesses, joys, memories, stories, smiles, tears, loves… Every season we face in our lives, times that come and go, days and nights… Springs and winters… Parents, friends, brothers…

A heart broken in thousand pieces that is put together over and over again, always building a different picture. Making a new mosaic, a new work of art. Painting a new picture, different pieces making a new landscape, revealing a new horizon, giving light to new dreams and new hopes. Shaking up the dust from the old sadnesses and bringing up those pieces together to build something new.

So Manny new things.

A new heart. A new story. A new life. A new sunrise. A new light.

And isn’t it amazing how can it be that a sad expression like “falling into pieces” can have a whole new meanning when you take those pieces to build something new? To build a home…

This title has been on my mind since last week, all week long. And I’ve been seeking all the beautiful thoughts I’ve had about it, and I’ve tried to put them together, piece by piece, fragment by fragment to build this text. I thought it would be another sad one, but one little piece surprised me. A tiny one, sweet, that I’ve been looking for so long… One fragment that would bring a new inspiration… The piece that will complete my puzzle.

The fragment that will fullfill my mosaic. Do I dare say I’ve found it at last?

I’ll only find out if we bring those fragments together and see the whole picture. A picture made of Manny fragments.


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