Eye to Eye

I’ve been waiting for you for all this time… I’ve been keeping my heart for you, I’ve done everything at my reach to hold on… And you always knew how much you meant to me, for all these years you’ve been my life… And right now that I’m about to build a new life beside someone I like dearly, you still had to interfer once more… Just tell me: WHY?

You’re never beside me, you never touch me, the most I ever got from you were only words and more words and broken promises… What do you want from me now? Why breaking up my heart once again? Why don’t you… *sigh*…

I can’t take that anymore…

I don’t know what do you want from me, but I may have a clue, however, I don’t want to relie in clues or hints or whatever it is. I NEED to be SURE. And that assurance is not upon to me. It’s up to you. I need YOU to take a step towards me… And I won’t change my present plans unless you do something concret.

You will have to tell me, EYE TO EYE, what you know I need to hear.


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