What is the difference? A view about war from both angles.

Isn’t it curious? Americans die defending their country, and so mulisms die defending their country. For the americans, the mulisms are the terrorists ones. For the mulisms the americans are the terrorists ones. I have so many american friends, which I love dearly, and with the same love I have for my american friends, I love my mulism friends, my persian friends, my polish friends, my german friends, my british, my french, my portuguese, my canadian, my chinese, my korean and my brazilian friends. Think about that for a moment: Everyone loves to claim for human rights, but those same ones who are claimming for the human rights are the same ones promoting this stupid war against the humanity. Everybody talks about love, every one says: “love is love”, but they do not know the real essence of Love. They do not know that we’re equal to the Creator not because we do it all right, or because we have the “right” to abort our children, or to change the nature laws to satisfy our own lust. NO! We’re equal because we do have the very same weaknesses, the very same sadnesses, the very same joys, and passions and hopes and dreams and love… The blood running from this pakistan soldier face and chest is the very same one that runs from a brazilian or an american soldier. What’s the difference? Aren’t they both fighting to defend their homes and lands? When will we wake up and figure out that there’s no need of sacrifices anymore, because there was already ONE SACRIFICE ONCE FOR ALL? When will we learn to LOVE, but not forgetting that LOVE IS RIGHT, and that the true love releases by keeping the common sense bounds? When will we learn that the TRUE LOVE rules with JUSTICE, and that the LOVE’S JUSTICE isn’t driven by lust and greed? I think that the day we figure it out (unfortunately I must say that my heart is hopeless and it feels like we’ll never see that day, but, with my last spark of hope I do say this), it will be the day that there will be no more war and no more suffering for none of us.

Dear All
Have a close look at the picture. This is not a scene from Hollywood or some Bollywood movie. Neither this is some kind of rehearsal for an Army Exercise. This is a real life scene. The gentleman in the picture is an officer from SSG, and is wounded seriously on his chest and head.Look at the peace, calm and serenity on his face. Seems to be in some deep thoughts, thinking about chances
of his life, or a new born baby back home, or a young wife, or a worried mother. I can only imagine and a chill goes down my spine.
When I received it this morning, I wrote to two young officers to find out the identity of this officer, and also whether he survived or……… The reply came that this officer is Capt Bilal from 3 Commando Battalion. He survived this attack but in a subsequent encounter later, got an RPG round direct at his chest and joined the ranks of “The Loved Ones Of Allah”, leaving behind all those that I mentioned above.

I am sitting in my office in Karachi, with misty eyes, thinking about this handsome young man. He had joined the Army to fight for the country. He did that at the peril of his life. He defended us from the brutalities of Talibans, but unfortunately……. Well leave it here. A lot to write . Did he know the Corrupt politicians, the Judiciary, which for cheap popularity is setting these very persons free, who back and fight our men, A Grade-16 employ of the Government has the cheeks to challenge the writ of the Government and Mighty Supreme Court is following the policy of appeasement …….Let me not mention all this when I am writing about this great man. Relax but do read the story of a farmer, who had a mouse, a hen and a bull in his back yard. The mouse was threatened by a snake and so on ……

Ponder, if you have time and have not been influenced by the likes of Aasma Jahangir and Aitizaz and the so called self acclaimed “THEKEDARS” of Islam.



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