Random Wondering…

Have you ever talked to someone and felt something you couldn’t figure out, yet, it could make your heart burst in joy and just dismiss any bad thought and it made you just want never, ever, leave the sight of that person?…

Yeah… That’s how I’m feeling the last couple days… I mean… every time we talk it’s just as quick as a ligthtening, but strong enough to mess up my heart… Sooo vibrant. So full up of life… So…uhm… kind of naughty, but something reserved, yet, so revealing… Yeah, I know, I know… Too much contradicting, yes… Well… if it were otherwise, that wouldn’t be me writting, for certain…

And as I was just creating this post, that vibrant soul came and talked to me, and curiously it didn’t disturb my wonderings… No… Just came and was gone as usual… But always making something grow in my thoughts… I have no clue what is it, but I love the way that it changes my mood!


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