“Don’t give up loving me”

I promised to myself I wouldn’t say a word about that story again, but it seems you can not just cut off something that is part of who you are…

You who has said that to me in the beginning of this year, you know that I know who you are, and you know that I know that you often take my words to express your feelings… I’d like to ask you: Which reasons have you ever gave me to not give up? A musical dialogue? That’s pretty cool, when no one is hurting. That’s awesome when money isn’t comming from one’s heartache.

Perhaps this is just one of those days when for the sake of my sanity, I must to look like a crazy just to keep my heart fine. I wonder if are you aware of the much suffring and pain you’ve ever caused to someone. Because I don’t think you’re able to change places with anyone, but you expect to be understood and not judged by anybody else, while you don’t care about the feelings of the others, just as long as your life is still on top.

Maybe I’m being harsh? Yeah… maybe…

But the only thing I wish now is to delete you from my memory and from my heart once for all. FOREVER. Because you never deserved everything I gave to you. All my life, and all I am.


“Don’t give up loving me…”

You are such a joke!


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