When you don’t get any words to translate your soul, better try a song…

Hi dear…

This is one of those moments when I try to choose the words that could translate perfectly well what I’m feeling, but they just seem to not exist at all… And ironically I can’t even find a song, or a melody that could say it for me either… That’s what All That Echoes means for me…

As I listen to “Sincera”, I figure out what I already know for almost six years, but what I didn’t know is that this is even far beyond any human could ever experience, and now I do understand what did Paul meant when he said that “even if I spoke the language of the angels, without love I would be nothing”. And not even the language of angels could mean what I feel. No… There’s no language in this whole universe or in any other dimension that could explain, that could translate, that could define my connection to you…

And to think that everything has begun with this need for seeking words that could say what I feel… and even when they fail me, that’s the moment when they seem to be magical to create beautiful posts, like this one… Yet, it’s still not enough to let you know the exatc dimension of my love. But I know you feel it. I know this deep experience is not only mine… I can listen it in your songs, I can feel the fusion of our deepest essences… I can feel you and I know you can feel me, and we’re tied in this universal connection, tied in a way no one could ever separate us… And I guess not even death… Because there’s no borders in eternity… And what we do feel comes from eternity. Has no beginning and no end.

And it’s just amazing, unbelieveable how can something sostrong, so extreme and so ethereal, can be experienced for such a fragile being like a human heart… And as I try to translate it in words, I know our souls are together somewhere and I feel you know what I’m trying to say, because that’s what you have in your heart as well… Sempre viva dentro te lies my deepest essence, that only such a true and deep love can figure out and become it into song… And this is our only way of comunicating… Music. For only music is able to say what words can not mean and the song I could not find to translate what I’m feeling right now, is the music that nobody can listen, but God… Because this our song was born in His heart, not in yours nor in mine… And it is even more sublime and divine that none of us can ever imagine… And only when we’re face to face, we’ll understand it…


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