Life of My Words.

I lost the count of the times I’ve hurten you for saying the things I think, based in reason, not in what my heart says, without putting myself in your place… I know it has been so easy to explode in rage, blinded by the pain of being away from you, without a single spark of hope to be in your arms anytime soon… I do not measure my words when I’m consumed for the madness of what I don’t understand. And I keep hurting, crying… Helpless for not knowing what to do…

Always resisting, trying not to reveal that the love I keep for you is still as deep and brightful as it has always been, since the very moment I looked to your face and I knew you were the only one that I would love until my very last breath. Trying to hide this love that shout itself loud, even when I try to disguise it in words almost hateful, which deepest essence just states what’s already known for the whole world: I love you.

And to each new song, I listen to my soul screaming, my words spreading their wings in your voice, in the songs I can not compose, but that give life to my words… You are the life of my words, and they can not exist without you. Even the darkest side of the sad moments of my love for you, are still full up of life, and even its grey is colorful because my love is true. Complicated, I know… But true.

I can not promise you I’ll never get mad, or sad or desperate again for being so far from the only one that is my life in this earth… I can not promise you I won’t make mistakes again or that I’ll never hurt you again… But… the only thing I can promise, and you know this is a promise I’ll never breake, is to carry you in my heart… Wherever I go. Whatever I do. I will always care. After all, if I even fight, it’s only because I do care, and I guess this will never change. Until the day, if I ever get this chance, to look into your eyes and give some rest to my heart and say: It was all worth it.

I try not to be hopeful, I try not to create expectations, I try to be reasonable… But this is so bigger than I could ever imagine… You are the one that I love for the longest time, and I am sure I’ll still keep loving you for all the eternity… And it will never matter how many times I say that I hate you… Even when I scream it at your face, you know it’s a lie.

I did not want to write it here… Actually I wanted to just whisper all this in your ear, for only you to listen and to feel the dimension of this that makes me tremble and take my breath, and makes me die a little bit every second I’m still away from you… Because I’m able to survive without you, but surviving is not living. And as much as I try to keep holding back these words, to not tell you that you’re still everthing and the only thing I have and love, the most they just break up the walls I try to build and with such a strenght that the whole world has to listen… And who knows, if God listen to my despair, they could break up the wall that keep me away from you and someday we could be together…

And as I write, feeling helpless, exposed in a way not pleasant at all, I try to reach your heart one more time. I try to make you feel what i feel and I try to let you know that you may have the world, and you do have it, but you are everything I have and that’s why I can’t help feeling jealous, even selfish about you…. I know love isn’t selfish… But, wouldn’t you want to keep your most precious treasure for yourself?

You are my true and only love, and that’s enough to make you my most precious treasure.

I already know what people will think and talk about me… I know it will hurt and I will blame you for some moments… But, if this is the only way to touch you… Then who cares what will they think or say? I just need to be beside you, it doesn’t matter how. Because you are the only reason why I write, and without you my words can not exist. After all…

You’re still the life of my words.

Roses violin


  1. Breathtaking beauty Clara, your words bring to life a soothing emotion that is present in love in the purest of ways…genuine and truthful. Thanks for reblogging my poem, you are a dear blessing to my day with your life-light…god bless my sister and may happiness and success vibrantly embrace your life each and everyday!


    • Thank you very much! I feel deeply moved by your comments here in my blog and I feel blessed that my words can make a tiny difference in the life of those ones who read my poems and chronicals! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  2. When love grips my heart and does not let go, when you are silent without saying you love me also, those are the moments of my deepest pain, and i wonder if I’ll ever hold you again.
    I can feel your anguish and know your love has filled a void, improved the world, and changed your capacity to love. Beautiful!


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