The Contradictions of Love

I know, this sound a funny title for a post that talks about love, but… Considering what I’ve been living in the last few years of my life I couldn’t ever find any title proper than this one… Actually, there’s a portuguese poet, Camões, who described those contradictions with such a precise perfection, because loving is having a wound that hurts and you can’t feel, is being happy when you’re uncontent… Anyways, who can understand it?

Loving is kind of setting free when you want to get it caught, is catching when you are supposed to let it go… It is hating when you want to hug, it’s wanting to hit when you actually want to kiss… Confuse I know… Probably some people will state that this is anything but love… But who said that life is perfect? Or fair? Even God’s love for the humanity is kind of confuse to understand!!!! After all, how can it be possible that the innocent should pay for the sinner’s mistakes?

But this, this exactly is what makes love perfect and greater than anything else we could ever experience! Because it comes from within. It comes from our deepest essence, it comes from our divine DNA. It is an eternal cicle of inspiring and being inspired… it’s being “happy in a heartache”, it’s leaving when you actually want to stay and it’s staying when the only thing you want is just run away… It’s still wait when you don’t want to wait anymore.

And the funniest thing is that it’s the power of love that keeps the world spinning around… And hopefully in one of those spins your arms will meet mine and my eyes will meet yours… And who knows, if God bless this moment, all those contradictions will become in a deep, but lightful truth… And when that moment comes (and somehow I still know it will) the only contradiction we’ll live is the one to cry and smile at the same time.

I know I’ll still be mad for a thousand times… But I’ll have to confess for a thousand times that I’m proud of you.



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