I don’t know wheter I write this post in english or portuguese… The only thing I know is that I’m surprised to have found a man with such a deep, generous, kind and lovely heart… And it was about time to talk about him here on my blog. Not that I’ve never mentioned about him before, but I mean… He has been deserving an exclusive post about him since we’ve first talked online.

The first thing that have caught my attention about him was his white militar uniform. His marine uniform. It gives him a noble air… Which I deeply admire. He is in mission on Haiti. You should listen, I mean; read him talking about the happiness of the haitian children when they are around… I admire him because he loves what he does… And he’s the most romantic man I’ve ever known! Really!

I don’t know if it’s just to conquer my heart, but I think it’s not, because everytime I talk to him I feel this is really his deepest essence… A family man… A husband… A soldier… A fine man. And even though he knows I have a pending feeling in my heart to fix up, he’s still willing to be beside me, listen to my complaints, my inassurances, my fears, my joys, my happinesses and sadnesses… And sometimes I really wonder if this man is real for sure… But he is…

I don’t mean that he doesn’t have any imperfections… But… I guess I could deal with them perfectly fine… Or at least I hope so.

If I’m in love with him?

I guess so… But I still have something to figure out, so I can’t say anything for sure… And I am so blessed that he is so understanding and loves me enough to not just get away from me, but still remains beside me and gives me time enough to figure out my heart and… Hopefully soon enough make a definitive choice for my life. But I’d be a liar if ever said that I don’t think of him a couple times in my days… And sometimes that I think of him all day long… And even catch myself making plans and picturing my future beside him…

And what about we both make plans together on msn? I couldn’t ever experience such a sweeter feeling… To be loved… To be admired for who I am, and exactly how I am… And… To find someone who knows the love’s essence just the way I do…

Oh God! I do hope this is my Mr. Right!

But I must confess, sometimes I’m afraid I can be wrong… Sometimes I even get that feeling, ver long known of mine, that it could be a mistake…. But… Perhaps this is the brand new story I’m about to write in my life, and hopefully, this one will have such a very happy ending…

If God wants so!


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  1. My sweet Flower,

    You don’t know how much your kind words got to me! In a way I had not experienced before. There are no words that can express how I’m feeling … so I can only give my heart to you and that your love is the beacon for where I can guide me!

    I’m a man trained to face the most difficult situations! Without fear and insecurity. But when I come across your love, pure, sincere, intense, deep, and not found in any other woman, I found myself in such a way that I felt helpless … That also explains why I have that song by sending you e-mail … Imbranato .. Now that is the title of this post. It is the best word to define me to feel your love … “When you don’t get any words to translate your soul, better try the song” Do you remember?

    I wish that love that now form bears fruit! Tangible fruit! Even driven by plans made ​​in msn … even being a cold area, distant and lifeless … that’s where our love is being generated!

    I want to return as soon as possible to my country! And to my home!

    After all .. now and forever … my home is your heart!


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