2013: New Year, New Experiences, New Lessons, New Hopes For Old Dreams.

We’re already comming to the forth day of the new year, and in the last few days I’ve learned some of the gratest lessons I could ever learn, met amazing people, renewed hopes for old dreams. One of those friends I made just has made me see that there’s still men trustworthy in this world and that knows the value of a friendship! Not for me, but I’ve never seen someone that could have such a deep loyalty to a friend, and, if his heart has enchanted me in the last moments I spent with him, his last atitude, althought had hurten me a little bit (but I must admit that it was my fault), just made me admire him even more. And he’s on my list of the guys I’ll never ever EVER forget.

Yes… the year has started full up of deep and great emotions. So I think it couldn’t have started any better… I’ve already learned that I must be more careful about what my actions tell to others about me, I have learned that I can do much more than I think I could, I have learned that the simple fact of being willing to help others can make such a huge difference… I have learned as well that it would be good to finish my tasks, at least when it comes about getting certificates… Because if I had mine as tourist guide, I could have received the 5% of the sells in a shoes store that the group I was guiding have done their shopping… But it doesn’t matter, though… Everything I do I do from my heart… If they are really happy as I felt they were, then I’m happy enough!

I have started my year having a trip to play with an international orchestra, which gives me such a huge good feeling about what this year may bring to me, but… What do I expect from this new year?



Yes! I don’t expect anything from this new year, because the most I expect, more I get frustrated… So I’ve decided not to expect anything at all… And as I listen to Josh Groban’s new single Brave, I remember some old posts from this blog where I talk about upfronting the hard times that life brings to us. And for me, there’s nothing worse than having to deal with frustrations. I’ve had so many of them in my life…

So this year the only thing I want is just to live. Live my life as fully as I can, enjoy every second of it, even the ones I might drop some tears… But I want to live! I have no clue of what this year is preparing to me, and I don’t wanna have any clue anyways. Let the year surprises me and let me live it as best as I can. I want to dream more than I’ve been dreaming in the last few years, I want to discover new cultures, new places, I want to run around the world… And hopefully I will.

Let the life moves on and let the year surprise me… After all, life is still a surprises box.

Un Très Houroux Nouvelle Anée a tout!




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