“We’re not terrorists!” – A Christmas Reflection

“If I am the president, I’ll give to every soldier a violin instead of a gun” – André Rieu (A Home for Christmas)

This is the statement I was looking for to get write a proper reflection as I’ve promised to a friend from Iran. Yesterday’s afternoon a young guy from Teheran came and talked to me and for a little mistake of mine, he has told me about his people’s history and how they’re being threatened by all the happenings in the middle east, about how the media distorts the facts and how a whole ancient culture is about to disappear under the greed of the powerful men that domain throught the opression.

And he told me: “We are not terrorists”. And explained to me the difference between arabians, persians, and told me about the persians scientists that are being kept in jails and being killed, and whole plan to exterminate his people. Told me about the young people that are dying because they still believe in freedom and because they wanted a persian government. Well, it would be fair to his people, wouldn’t it be? And then I figured out they are still claiming for help, they are still crying to the whole world to listen to them, and how many of us can still listen to their crying?

In a season when everyone around the world is talking about love, peace, joy, and all the good things, I ask myself what have we been doing to actually get any of those? And watching André Rieu’s Christmas special on tv, he has said something that couldn’t be more than perfect for this blogpost that I’m writing as a christmas gift that I’ve promised to my friend: “It’s curious how people take a cease-fire for Christmas season, but never a definitive fire-cease… If they can get a fire cease for Christmas, why then not making a fire-cease forever?”

I know this is kind of a weird blogpost for Christmas time, but… What exactly is Christmas if not the comming of the God’s Only Son to teach us how to live in peace with everyone? We all have different cultures, different thoughts, and all the kind of differences we may take the whole eternity to figure out, but, our own essence as humans is one, and it doesn’t matter if you’re persian, jeweish, arabian, asian, european, brazilian or north-american… We’re all humans, and Jesus has cared enough about us to the extreme of becoming as human as we are to teach us how to love each other, independing of our nationalities and ethnicity.

I can’t stop what’s being planned against the humanity behind the courtains. I can’t stop the leaders of the Middle East in their devilish plans of developing mortal weapons and stuff like that, but if the only thing I can do is giving voice to a friend, then I’ll do that. It may not be much, but it is still something, and I’ll be always heart-open and mind willing to listen to them and give them the voice they need to scream to the world: “We are not terrorists. We are suffering as much as the children that are dying hungry in Africa, we are suffering as much as the families that lost their children in a school shooting and we’re suffering even more because we can not even scream and claim for help.”

Of you’re reading this, please, don’t keep ignorant about theyr crying. If the only thing you can do is praying, then join me in pray for them. There are innocent people dying for someone else’s greed. Lets LIVE Christmas EVERYDAYS and not only in the end of year.

كارلا بورگس ده ميديروس

Persian Culture


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