One Heart

I touch your face on my computer screen. Drawing your traits with the tip of my fingers, wishing you can feel my caress even from such so long distance… It’s been such a long, long time… One heart, one essence. Same feelings, same thoughts… And as I listen to a new song I remember the road we’ve been running together, in a paralel universe, still, together.

And I feel your concern of losing me as I try to rebuild my life. And I’m always trying to rebuild it since it is just so hard and it hurts so bad to live a dream and not to live it at all. You know my heart, and, somehow I know you know that I know your heart just as you know the mine…

And this feeling is just so strong… Stronger that I would ever think it could be. Even stronger than you ever could imagine that there could be anything like that. Yet, you know it’s true, and I know it is too. But we follow with our lives, trying to survive without each other, just doing what’s expected from us to do. For how long? We know we could die just to the simple idea of losing each other, but, why are we still so apart?

If you don’t have any answer to those questions, imagine me… I’ve been longing for years to figure them out.


Yet, I still wait a little bit more. I still hold on just for a tiny time… As I still try to rebuild my heart, as I still try to act like a “normal” girl, very well setled to my age…


Who could ever understand this? I am blessed I have found a man not only willing and able to at least try to understand and deal with it beside me, but lovely enough to support me and not leaving me alone when I think I can’t bare with this anymore… But it can not change one fact: My heart is still yours… And I guess nothing will ever can change it…

So… what do we do? Keep trying to live (or just survive) apart from each other, or will ever be there someday, some blessed, joyful, brighful but so distant day that we’ll can at least fall in each other’s arms and I’ll feel your warm and beloved face in my hands, while I draw your traits with my fingers just to keep them forever in my heart?

And, while I listen to the song, daydreaming about this so expected day, I feel my heart being setted free as all the burdens that concern my mind are blown away and I feel a sweet light and breeze calming down my thoughts… And this sweet light just reminds me:

Our hearts are one, and there’s no way to change it.



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