Part of Me

And I’ve drained all my words trying to tell you every drop of feeling from my heart, and I spent years trying to make you see how deep is the love I keep inside my soul to give to you and only you… And you’ve seen my soul and you’ve touched my heart, but your eyes were iluded by your fame, and your mind blinded for your fortune… And I’m still here… loving you in the secret of my heart, trying desperately to make it home to someone else, but I can’t because you’re still here… Part of me.

People say I’m sweeter than honey, but they don’t even know the bitterness I carry up in my heart, faded to live a life with no more dreams, not more hopes, and no more wishes… Trying to build concrete loves to make up this fantasy that will follow me until my last breathe. A dream that will never come true, or if it does someday, it won’t be as beautiful as it used to be in the very beginning… So many time wasted… Waiting, dreaming, hoping… And it doesn’t leave me alone even when I’ve already moved on… And here I am, drowning in tears for a dream that’s not even mine anymore… Trying desperately to chase new dreams, to build new hopes, and not look back again ever.

But I know you’ll be always there… In a word, in a song, in an expression I’ve used so many times in my poems, in my thoughts, in everything I am… For you’re part of me…

You’re part of me.


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