I couldn’t stop life from moving…

So… Here I am, with a whole new horizon before my eyes. New plans, new dreams, new journeys… And it seems that I at last have learnt to live one day at a time… Actually I don’t even know where this new road will take me to… And I’d be lying if I said that I’m not scared at all.

I am…

For so many moments it just feels like everything has got out of my control and that my life has simply broke up a floadgate and started to flow by itself… Everything changing at once… And I look nostalgically to the dreams I’m leaving behind. Their time is gone. I held as much as I could, but I always knew that sooner or later this day would come…

I have a whole new future opening up for me now… And as I cheerish it, I can’t help feeling a point of sadness for leaving behind something that was so dear to me for so long… I am wide awake… I am breathing deep and everything is so intense that I feel like I’m comming back to life after such a long, long sleep.

I’ve tried… But you can’t stop life from moving… Sooner or later it will take its own path, it doesn’t matter whatever you try to keep it just the way it is… It will flow… you want it or not.

But I am happy. The surprises that life can bring to you are really amazing when you allow yourself to apreciate them and just live them.

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