The Colors To Your Grey

Come on…
Open up your heart to me,
Let me be your spark of light,
Let me bring to you
My summer breeze.

I guess it came for both of us,
Your world is grey and cold,
While in my universe
The colors make such a fuss!

But even though,
With such a colorful world,
And all the songs,
And dreams and fantasies
I feel so alone…
For, what use does it have
If I can’t share it with anyone?

Don’t you see?
You were made
Perfectly for me!
I can take your grey sobriety
And paint your life with
My colorful melody…
Just like the spring moonlight
Crosses the sky and kisses the sea!

Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros
Itaboraí, January 14, 2012.



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