Silent Love

While the world applauds you
And cheers your achievements
Drooling at everything you do,
I look for a shell,
A box, or anything
Where I could hide my love
And keep it out of sight…

And for some moments
I wish I never fell for you,
But what can I do,
If once you take
Your first step
In the road of love,
We find too late
That there’s no way back?

The world cheers,
But I quiet down…
I run away,
Wish I could stay…
And against this noise,
My silence screams for you…
A silent love
That I wish I’d never
Have shouted it out…

And I take the silence
And I turn it into my voice,
Wish I’d never loved you,
While the world rejoices…
Wish I never knew you
So I wouldn’t love like this
And now I try to silent it,
But I had forgotten
That love is a road
With no way back…

Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros
Itaboraí, January 12, 2012.


1 Comment

  1. That is something beautifully written about love. A behaviour, while in love. And they say, love is always zealous. Silent love can not put up its show,I think. Sometimes,it cannot express it either. These feelings are worth sharing. Nice job to write about it.


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