Adele – The Heart’s Voice

So… I’m the kind of person that run away from anything that is so up on the media, being commented all the time. I’ve heard of Adele before, because of a friend, Catherine Carpenter, and I really liked her voice at first, but it wasn’t the kind of music I’d imagine I’d spend a whole day listening and taking inspiration to write something about.

I was mistaken… Actually, I must say that I’ve prefered to keep some distance from Adele’s songs because I always knew the effect they would have over me. But it seems that I would have to face it sooner or later… So, it came the day that I would stop and I would get dry for crying with her voice.

And this song has just became one of my favorite ones, because of my sister… I’ll never forget this afternoon when we spent time listening music together and sharing feelings. And, as everybody can read in my blog posts, my favorite subject is relationships. I’ve always seen Adele as a fantastic woman, who takes strenghts and inspiration from her deepest hurt. And that’s why this song touches me so deep.

It makes me cry the way she sings this song… And you can taste every color of her feelings… Sometimes we say we can get over some kind of heartbreak, and sometimes we say it’s all right, but deep inside our souls we know it is still hurting and that to us it isn’t over yet…

And I admire her so much for singing out her heart, just the way I try to do with my posts…


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