Phoenix Lioness

I feel hopeless
Like a wounded animal
Agonizing between death and life…
Everything is just so dark,
And I am bleeding.

The fear says:
Give up, it’s not for you.

But I am brave.
I still react.
I still breathe in.
I still try,
And I won’t give in.

I live for you,
And for you I breathe.
If for now I die,
I shall recreate (me);

Like a phoenix bird
I shall raise again,
Like the morning comes,
Shall my hope remain.

And I live for love,
And for love I breathe,
If for now I leave,
For you my heart I keep:

Like a joyfull spring
I shall return to you.

For I still react,
I still breathe in,
And I shall forever try
While there’s strenght in me.

But if for now I leave…
My heart I keep for you.
And like a joyfull spring
I shall be reborn.

Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros
Rio de Janeiro, December 15th, 2011.


1 Comment

  1. It is a blessing to experience that state of passion, I think. “I shall recreate”, that is near the extremes. God bless you.


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