Like a Butterfly

It’s dark here inside…
And I need air,
I need space…

You keep me here
Caught in this cocoon,

The beauty of your inspiration
Your inner light…
That you shine to the world
In your voice

But you keep it
Hidden from the sunlight.

But the time is comming,
When I’ll spread my wings at last.
The time is comming
When I’ll fly over your head.

And I won’t fly to you.

Time is coming
And once I get open
And set myself free
From your cocoon
I’ll not fly to you anymore.

I’ll fly away.
I’ll fly away

Someday I’ll still
Fly away from you,

I promise myself.

I’ll set myself free from you,
And I’ll shine
I’ll bring out my own light,

And as a butterfly
I’ll fly away.

Fly away from you.

Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros
Itaboraí, November 28, 2011.


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