You are a dream…
An ilusion that always vanish
Everytime I think I’m getting close…

How will I know it is true,
If I can not know it from your heart?
How will I know I can trust it,
If I don’t read it from yourself?

I’ve always thought that love’s a choice
And I have made my choice for you…
I have been feeling that I am
Your decision in your voice,
But would you dare to tell it
Only to me?

Ah… Mirage…
You paint a beautiful view
In the desert of my dreams…
But if you want me to believe you are real
You can not keep vanishing,
Running away forever…

And the thing I want most is only one:
That you tell me your dreams,
That you show me your heart.
Just to me.
And only me.

Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros
Itaboraí, November 13, 2011.


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