Lost In Thoughts

“Anxious days…

My mind repeats to myself all the time: Focus, girl! You still have so many things to do, don’t get yourself out of what you must to do for something you know that won’t happen. Forget it. Let it go. Stop hoping for it. It won’t happen.

And my heart, so small and hurting, replies: Don’t you dare losing your faith. Not now! We’ve already come so far, don’t give up now, not now, please!

A promise, a dream, a letter… And how to deal with all the expectation that it brings???? How not to think about the most expected moment of your life and… How not to feel scared that things may not be like you dream they could be?…”

And she walked… And walked until feeling her feet hurting and her legs lose its strenghts… Mariana needed a place to just blow away her mind and let all that anxiety go, if not completely, at least enough to get her heart light as a feather… But she knew it wouldn’t work as she would like to, because there was much more on matter than only her thoughts…


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