Miracles Are Not To Be Understood

So, here am I, stuck on the traffic and, just as usual, over-thinking about a thousand things.

Do you know when you feel that something so wonderful is about to happen in your life, but you just don’t know what is it or HOW will it happen? Yeah… that’s the feeling.

Sometimes, GOD, in His endless mercy and love, gives us the gifts that He knows our hearts are yearning for, and, sometimes it requires too much faith and trusting in His faithfulness and word. Only then, the miracles can happen.

Yet, as humans, we’re always trying to understand what’s not mean to be understood. We still look for why’s and how’s when the only thing we have to do is just trust and receive what’s being gifted to us. And be thankful! That’s all we really need to do!

No, I am not talking about the troubles or the hard times, or the things that bring us any doubt; thought living by faith is almost like living in constant doubt, since we never know what comes next…

I am talking about the things we ask to God, and He, in His unassuming grace, decides to give us the desire of our hearts. And in moments like these we must remember that, when we surrender our lives in God’s hands, He is faithful and mighty to do much more than we ask or even think.

I maybe can have a light idea of what’s about to happen, maybe only because my heart can feel it so strongly, but I have no clue about how will it be like, and that, I must confess, is quite scary.

But miracles are not to be explained. They just happen.


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