Sand Castles – Sad Truths. A Hopeful Heart.

World is full up of sad truths. That’s a fact.

We always build dreams, we always set high hopes and expectations about work, love life, about a thousand things… And quite often these dreams and hopes are broken up. For that reason, I’ve choosen a path, not so optimistic, not easy either, but maybe a little safer, I guess. It’s not from the happiest ones, but it helps to keep my feet on floor… Knowing myself as I do, I know that I get high expectations too easily… And when they are broken… My! That comes near the death to me…

Yet, I still carry up inside me a so hopeful heart. Which belongs to WHO I am… It seems, from where I am now, I’m more perseverant than I thought I was, and stronger too… And, as the quote says, what doesn’t kill you, gets you stronger… Well… I can say I am a strong girl… But even for strong people, sometimes it’s hard to deal with people’s suffering, with broken dreams, to deal with the injustice that is spreaded around the world, with people dying for nothing, with families being ruined for a thousand different reasons…

Life sometimes seems just a chaos… But it’s what comes from inside your heart that is able to change what do you see. It’s what comes from inside your heart that can lighten up a ray of sun to illuminate the darkness of this world… And that’s the God’s spark in your heart: The LOVE.

And only by love you can change a sad truth into a brightful way for changing lives, and changing lives is the only way to change the world.


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