Chatting With An Angel

“Friends are wingless angels we have around us” – so they say…

Well… I dare say I’ve spent such one of the most lovely times of my life talking to one of them last night… And it was an incredible experience because for just one moment I’ve droped down all my resistences, and allowed myself just enjoying the moment. A moment that I know I’ll never get any like that again… So it was worth. Actually it was even more worth than I thought it would ever be…

The curious thing is that, first of all, long before I allow myself the right of getting know that little angel, I liked his mind. His quotes and verses usually touch me deep, and it’s like seeing my own mind being outspoken by someone else… Which makes me feel lovely warm and comfotable. But I’ve never allowed myself enjoying this feeling because of something else… Then I’ve figured out that, so my eyes enjoyed what they have seen… The only matter, is that this whole thing has happened on a moment I was vulnerable…

And sometimes, when you’re vulnerable, it’s so much easier messing up with everything… So I’m glad he’s just an angel… And I really enjoy his mind…

I could write much more about this experience, that was really more than touching to me… Yes it was… It was such a comfort when I felt like loosing my ground again… How ironic that this kind of thing has become a part very usual on my days… But the only thing I really want to let registered here is about how I did feel so stupid for taking so long to allow me to get know a person… Especially appreciationg so much his mind… No, this doesn’t mean anything, or at least not now… We never know what’s the next corner that life will turn and which changes it will brings…

The only thing I know is that I felt so blessed last night for being a spark of sunlight to a little angel.



    • I’m glad you did! I’d really like to write much more, but I have been having troubles with my connection, so I was afraid I’d miss something… And while I was writing it there was a blackout here at my home too, so I had to get it done… BUt nothing keeps me from editing it later…


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