Like a Dream

So, at last it came the time for writing the feeling that has given the name to this blog… I must confess I was yearning for writing something with this title, but nothing I could write could express it precisely or on the way I really wanted it to mean… So now it came the time at last. And do you want to know what is the most curious thing? The song I’m listening right now.

For Always. The very first time I heard this song, I hadn’t any clue of everything I would live… Especially the miracles my heart would feel happening. Least yet that I would have to trust it completely, which, for myself is such a very, very hard thing to do. Much more for the previous experience of figuring out that, sometimes, when you want so much something to happen, you start seeing signs everywhere, and sometimes, these signs are only on your mind and do not mean anything real…

But… Do you know when, it doesn’t matter how much you try to convince yourself of that, somehow you know that it’s not only thing of your mind? It’s like a dream. Maybe like a lucid dream, so vivid that you could swear it is truly real, not only a dream.

Who knows?

Sometimes the most real things are those ones that we can not understand, and, well… I better than anyone can say this, for I hate not understanding the things that happen, you see, but, the truth is that somethings are really meant to not be understood. And this is such a thing that kills me inside, because I always need to know what IS, and WHY it IS. And to reach out these things, it requires from you a good deal of faith. Faith to see beyond you can see at the moment…

For Always…

I hear this song and I remember how sweet was to love someone that I thought would never ever notice me… But something miraculous and magic has happened… And whatever I judged to be the very truth, actually wasn’t… And what I thought wouldn’t ever happen, did happen… And… What about the fear to believe it and suddenly it turns into dust? Side effects we must deal with when you live on the thin line between reason and faith.

Follow your heart… A thing that you sometimes just yearn to do, but you get scared that it could be guiding you wrong… What do do then? Just close your eyes and trust. Easy it is not, but… Sooner or later, somehow you’ll find the truth. And even though all your fear, it might really be much more wonderful than you can believe it is.

And the secret to this is: Patience…


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  1. I started reading about not supposed to understand and it made me remember a very bad situation where I was sitting asking why me? After a little bit I asked what am I supposed to learn from this? It hit me like a ton of bricks! No rather than trying to understand why, I ask what. I am able to see things a lot differently now. Life delivers us many lessons… this is just one of those. You are right about faith and reaching beyond, but maybe you might be asking the wrong question… try asking what you are supposed to learn or see. love ya girl!


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