Bird In a Golden Cage

You are a beautiful bird
Caught in a golden cage.
With a glamourous life
Surrounded by spotlights
Stuck on the center
Of the fame’s stage.

I am a free bird
I can fly wherever I wish
But I’ve given up my freedom
To stay beside you
For such a love you’ve never seen.

And now I hear my freedom calling.
Perhaps because
I see you’re used to that life?
Should I stay beside you for my love?
Or should I fly?

Yes, I know, my current song
Makes no sense, but,
Could you tell me, please,
What am I supposed to do?

I see your cage…
Yet, a cage.

And I love you so much…
That I give up my freedom,
The gift I appreciate most,
I give up on it,
Just to give it to you…

Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros
Rio de Janeiro, August 17, 2011.



  1. To give up freedom for the sake of love is a huge sacrifice. Yet love is so beautiful and worthwhile the exchange is worth the price.
    Your poem is exquisite. Love it.


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