The Pearl Fishers Duet – Georges Bizet

I wanted to post here a recording I have here only with the orchestra playing the accompainement of this duet, it’s just so seren and touching, but I couldn’t convert it to MP3, and I was looking desperately for a video on youtube only with the instrumental of this song, and it was furstrating not finding it like I would like to, so I took this version with Andrea Bocelli, that I believe is the full version of the song, and, of course, it is marvelously interpreted by one of the gold voices from our days.
This is one of my most favorite songs. I’m not a huge lover of Opera itself, but there are at least 2 operas I would really love to see someday, One, is Martha, by Frederich Flottow, and the other one is the Pearl Fishers by Georges Bizet, known by his most famous opera, Carmen.
I like this song for the infinite sensations it brings to me, but what I like most is the way that it finishes undefined in harmonics… This is a very, very light song, and just as simple as the morning light is.
Actually I have no clue what is the Pearl Fishers about, althought I know one story that could be some similar thing, but, since I didn’t get finding any libretto about the opera in my searchings (perhaps I should google it), that’s why I would really love to see this opera.
So, I hope you enjoy this song, and may it brings to you all the same wonderful feelings it inspires in me!

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