The Necklace

Have you ever needed so bad the lap of your Daddy? Well, I like to lay down at my Heavenly Dad’s lap when I feel so weak.

I have been a little hard to deal with on the last couple weeks and even more from yesterday to today… I’ve been feeling scared and frightened, for nothing, but I am. With a horrible losing feeling in my heart.

Last wednesday I lost a birthday gift that I’ve got from my godfather on my 15th birthday. It was stolen from my neck, and I saw how was it stolen. And it hurted. The necklace has already been broken and fixed up about twice times, and by the last time mom didn’t wanted its own pendant on it, so I replaced it with a music key that was also a birthday gift. It was a true jewel. The necklace was gold and the key was silver. But it’s not for the material thing that having it stolen from me hurts. It’s for every lovely thing it meant to me.

How many things you’ve had taken from you? How many dear people have you lost? How many dreams have you seen breaking in nothing?

And here is the point where history changes.

At the moment I had my necklace stolen from me, I’ve got a bigger treasure. I’ve got a friend that is from the same church I’ve been going and that I feel I’ll find my new home there. I’ve got a blessed day, even with that small piece in my heart hurting for losing something so valious for me. I have changed myself the string of the harp I’m learning to play, I’ve got structure the draft of my new project, and I was blessed with my new friends company.

Why did I begin this post with this song? And what does it have to do with the losing feeling?

Because for letting GOD acting in our lives, first we must know that we’re lost without Him. We are the necklace stolen from His loving hands. Because HIS WAYS are not our own ways, and when we can not understand this, sometimes we feel scared and hopeless for not having the control of the situation. And this feeling just keep us from resting and trusting His ways are far better than ours.

We can not expect getting anything by our own effort. But when God is with us, there’s no battle we can not win. There’s no rough times that we shall not overrule. And the only thing we must to learn, and it’s not easy learning, is trusting and resting.

May this song touch your heart as it touches mine.


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