Closed Eyes

Yes, today I’m inspired. And this one I thank you to my friend Lorie for have inspired me writing it.

Trusting is keeping eyes closed.

My heart has been really bursting a lot lately and I hardly get control it. Things I didn’t like to see and to hear, thoughts that have been getting me sad… And again, the trusting matter.

I’m a very anxious person. Impatient as well. So, waiting is really such a very hard thing to to for me. Resting and trusting so… But with my friend’s statement above I just remembered one of the most interesting and thoughtful experiences I’ve ever had:

I had a classmate that we used come back home together when I was studying at the seminary. One night, when we were on our way to the bus station, he has proposed me the following game: Close your eyes and let me guide you. If you’re not a blind person, GOD! What an awfull feeling! You have to trust someone completely and be sure they will not guide you wrong.

So this is trusting in your heart.

Trusting heart, and above all, trusting God, is closing your eyes and keeping them closed. Is turning off your senses and letting Love guiding you and forgetting what does everybody else say is right. It’s surrender yourself in someone’s hand and let it go.

But a hint: NEVER open your eyes. If you try openning them or if you do it, it will be such a disaster. So, if you want a dream to come true, close your eyes, and trust it like a child.


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  1. thank you for the mention… love you my friend! BTW, you are the only person who gets away with calling me “Lorie” lol. hugs… you have the most beautiful heart.


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