Ah… the things we say when we’re upset. We don’t really mean half of them. We just need to let it go what is hurting and sometimes we just want hurt back who has hurten us. Relationships are just like this… You can not expect a relationship to be an “everafter” thing. That does not exist. Even a sea of roses has some thorns.

And we learn to smile. When everything we have on our eyes are tears, yet we’re smiling. And we make it as sweetest as we can, because we must move ahead. Some way or else. We just need to keep moving. Believing or not. Hurting or being happy. We just smile and live. Because life doesn’t stop for people fix up their broken hearts. So, you must just keep moving on…

Until someday… Someday… When all the hopes and the dreams seem to be faded away, you’ll see a spark of joy shining. A little cold, but it still shines. Just like the rainbow after the storm.

You can not expect life to be made only of good moments. Otherwise, you’ll be asking for living an ilusion. What you must to do is face the hard moments crying if needed, yet, still able to smile althought all the tears falling down from your eyes.


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