Hope – The Art of Being Strong in The Weakness

Life is a challenge. Period.

The only way to measure the dimension of your victory is for the size of the challenges of your battles. None big accomplishment is get on the easier way. None big dream is conquered without shedding some tears all around the way until you reach it out. And are not the smiles that will tell you the value of your conquer. These same tears you’ve dropped will tell you it was all worth. The smiles are to bright it up and to make your light shine over it.

And if you think that only your friends oppinion is what matters most, maybe you should try to hear the point of view of someone that thinks differently from you. You’ll find out that there’s not a better imparcial judgment than listening to someone that has a thought different from yours. Why? Because depending on the situation, your friend will tell you things just to comfort you. Your enemy will tell you things to hurt you and let you down. But if you’re wise, and know how to listen, you’ll find out that even someone thinking differently from you, may help a lot when you don’t know what to listen to.

Happiness isn’t to be smiling all the time with everything working out. The true happiness is you can get strenghts where you think you can not get them anymore. The happiness is the art of keeping the hope even when you think you’ve spoiled everything with your own hands. And the hope is the art of being strong when you think you can not anymore.

Hope is the art of being strong in the weakness, the art of reneweing your mind when you think everything has came to an end. It’s the art to recover the dream when you think there isn’t any dream anymore. Being strong is the art of holding on in what you do believe, even when you don’t have any reasons to keep believing it anymore. It’s to see beyond, even when tears are blinding you down. Even when the morning seems will never come, when the sky is so dark by the six am, that you begin to wonder if the day will really come…

Life is a challenge. But it’s up to us to face it or run away. If you close your eyes, and look deep inside your soul, you shall see that it doesn’t matter how bad the things may seem at the moment, sooner or later the day will drop its light, and you shall see that none of God’s plans can be frustred. Just hold on. Keep believing even when everything tells you the opposite, NEVER GIVE UP.

I’ll never give up on you. It doesn’t matter how much it will hurt sometimes, I’ll remain beside you. Despite of all my mistakes, or of all my truths, I’ll remain beside you. And from your sight I shall never get away.



  1. Individual choices and decisions should always be personal, and not measured or decided by the influence or intimidations of the majority, friends, or family. Otherwise you may as well be a clone.

    Oh we read books, go to movies, listen to records, that friends or family members recommend. But life decisions, those should purely be your deepest decisions.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Thoughts!


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