Useless Words

One, two, three… three e-mails, one e-card, lots of messages and tweets just to try to say what can not be said in words. And as much as I try to translate my heart in them, as more anxious I get…

Do you know that feeling that can be translated only in a smile? So, that’s it… And here am I, on my blog, still trying to translate it in words… And right now asking myself: WHY???? Why to shout it out to the world? Why to shout it out to the world if that feeling belongs to only one person? Answer? I have no clue!


The last four years have been passing by my mind like a movie… I’m anxious. I’m patient. I’m waiting, I can’t wait anymore… I’m joyful, I’m happy, I’m concerned, I’m overthinking more than ever… And… None word can translate it. NOT A WORD. Yet, I’m still trying to use them to speak what is unspeakable, to try describing what is indescribable. What for? No clue either…

The only thing I know is that I’m trying to say something that can be said only with one gesture…

This one:


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